Monday, June 18, 2007

Hands-On workshops at MCA

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"At the Museum of Contemporary Art's 'Artists on Site' series, held every 1st Tuesday of the month, visitors have the chance to directly engage with artists creating work. 'Artists on Site' is part of a larger shift at the MCA in terms of public programs. Inspired by the phenomenal magazine Readymade, the MCA has re-shaped its offerings this year to feature programs that use everyday objects, de-mystify the creative process, wake up the latent creativity in all of us, and most of all are fun!"

"First Tuesday is an independent Business Think Tank encouraging and supporting the creation of knowledge where business intersects policy, technology and innovation. There are First Tuesday forums in 18 countries across five continents with over 41 000 active members worldwide. We are experts in creating dialogue, leveraging the power of different perspectives and experiences to develop new insights."

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Richard Kooyman Landscape Paintings said...

Should the creative process be "demystified or more to the point can it? Is the Target " First Tuesday" campaign a intervention of business and innovation or is it a capitalistic directing of creativity.
Every since the Richard Florida phenom creativity has been hi-jacked for buisness's agenda. That danger can make everyday art dumbed down art.